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Founded in 1913, the Chaleur Chamber of Commerce is a dynamic organization with an historical foundation and a solid reputation on which its members and the business community can count on.

With more than 300 diverse and active members, our actions are in line with the promotion of a rich and inviting business community based on growth, collaboration, and innovation.

Through our activities and initiatives, we want to create a connection between our members. We are always on the lookout for new development opportunities and benefits for our members and future members. The Chamber gives you the opportunity to be a part of a large business network, whether it is on the regional, provincial, or national level. If you are not yet a member of the Chamber, we invite you to consider the advantages available to you and to register with us as fast as possible.





Chaleur Chamber of Commerce

Mission, values and vision

Advantage of becoming a member of the Chaleur Chamber of Commerce

Be the essential voice and resource for members of the Chaleur region business community.


Growth, accountability, collaboration, focus on inclusiveness and innovation.


We support the growth of our members through our networking opportunities, our resources and our advocacy efforts.

Efficient and involved

Our Team

Megan Chamberlain

Interim General Director

(506) 544-5995

Pascalle Roy

Administrative coordinator

(506) 546-8100

Jonathan Roy

Pairing Officer

(506) 655-9151

Active businesses peoples

Board of directors

The Board of Directors of the Chaleur Chamber of Commerce is made up of businesspeople active in the community with diverse skills from different business areas in the Chaleur region.

The role of the board of directors is to establish the direction and the strategic plan in relation to the mission, the vision, and the needs of the members.

The board of directors is part of the following committees:

Finance, human resources, governance and strategy, marketing and communication and lobbying.

  • Mylène Ouellet-Leblanc – Mylenium Consultant – President
  • Erica Lynn Scott – LUX Realty – Past President
  • Patrick Levesque – Grant Thornton – 1nd Vice-President
  • Mike Carroll – Speedy Glass – 2nd Vice-President
  • Cédric Lajoie-Chiasson – Allen Paquet & Arseneau – Treasurer
  • Oliver Boucher – La Cave Media – Director
  • Monique Gallant – CBDC Chaleur – Director
  • Erica DeGrace – Websolutions – Director
  • Chris Legacy – City of Bathurst – Director
  • Morgan Nicolas – Ordinix – Director
  • Michel Arseneau – Grange Design – Director

Chaleur Chamber of Commerce



These by-laws are drafted in accordance with the provisions of the Chambers of Commerce Act, R.S., c. B-8, s. 1, hereinafter referred to as “the Law”. In the event of any disagreement between the articles of these regulations and any part or article of the Law, the terms of the Law shall prevail.


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The Chaleur Chamber of Commerce represents the voice of the business community in the Chaleur region.

219 Main Street Suite #5
Bathurst, Nouveau-Brunswick, Canada
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Phone: 1(506) 546-8100
E-mail: Info@chaleurchamber.ca