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Julie Pinette

General Director

(506) 544-5995

Born in Montreal, raised in Bertrand in the Acadian Peninsula and now living in Robertville since 2010, Julie is a Business Administration and E-Commerce graduate from the CCNB Bathurst Campus. She has several management certifications through the Université de Moncton and currently holds the position of President of the Board of Directors of the BoGeste Dance School. Before being named Executive Director of the Chaleur Chamber of Commerce in March 2020, 14 days prior to the pandemic, Julie held several positions in her career and has added many strings to her bow. She has worked mostly in the economic development field, but has also worked in communications, project and event management, employment and was part of the Women in Business NB team for almost 5 years.

As Director of the Chaleur Chamber of Commerce, Julie is mainly responsible for the day-to-day management and strategies. She is also involved in finances, human resources, marketing and much more. She enjoys innovation and creating new initiatives to meet the needs of their members.. She sincerely believes that stimulation and recognition of employees greatly help them in their learning process. She has made it her mission to be a coach rather than a boss for her team. Julie has a highly developed organizational side that makes her work much easier and helps her find solutions more efficiently. She thrives on challenges and is not afraid to take them on.

Why is she proud to be part of the Chaleur Chamber of Commerce? Because the Chaleur Chamber of Commerce represents the business community of the region. The team supports entrepreneurs in many ways, whether it is through recognition, promotion, networking, financial benefits, or the various services offered.

In her spare time, Julie spends a lot of time in the woods, riding the trails on a side-by-side with her partner and friends. She loves moose hunting and is always up for a road trip. She has recently discovered a new passion for spin classes.

un fact: Julie was a very timid child and did not like to speak in public. Oral presentations were a nightmare, but she now loves to address a crowd!

Megan Chamberlain

Marketing and member relations coordinator

(506) 546-8100

Born and raised in Bathurst, Megan graduated from the NBCC in Business Administration and Management in 2020 and will be completing her degree from the University of New Brunswick’s Department of Business in 2023. During her college journey, Megan has been the Vice President of the NBCC – Moncton Campus as well as the Secretary for all NBCC campuses throughout the province. Megan has always shown interest in the Chaleur Chamber of Commerce. She was hired as a summer student for 2 years. She officially joined the team in May 2022 as the Marketing and Member Relation Coordinator. As a highly motivated individual, Megan is always eager to help her teammates and never turns down a new challenge. Her main responsibilities include planning various events, recruiting new members and performing administrative and office duties.

Why is she proud to be part of the Chaleur Chamber of Commerce? Because she believes in its ability to help businesses in the region grow by offering them the visibility they need. Whether it is through their extensive networking services, their collaboration with different partners or their wide variety of services available.

In her spare time, Megan enjoys going on adventures. She is also an avid music lover.

Fun fact: She owns two ferrets that she loves very much!

Pascalle Roy

Administrative coordinator

(506) 546-8100

Born and raised in Petit-Rocher and having several training in psychology and social work, Pascalle joined the Chaleur Chamber of Commerce team to take on new challenges and push her limits. Not being afraid of change, she is always willing to learn new skills and surpass herself as a person.

Pascalle is mainly responsible for the finances and administration of the Chamber of Commerce. She ensures that members’ needs are met, manages ticket sales, assists with event creation and decorating, and also handles their social media content. She particularly enjoys the organizational, creative and social aspects of her work environment. Pascalle considers herself fortunate to have the opportunity to meet new people and acquire valuable knowledge while contributing to the development of her region. Her greatest pride to this day? Being the mother of 3 beautiful children!

Why is she proud to be part of the Chaleur Chamber of Commerce? Because she appreciates the mutual support between the entrepreneurs and people of the region. The sense of belonging is of great importance to her, and she considers the Chamber of Commerce to be one of the greatest business networks that offers exposure to its members.

In her spare time, Pascalle is passionate about photography. She also enjoys hunting, fishing, gardening, camping and anything creative. She always has a million different projects on her mind!

Fun fact: She has many (too many) agendas and notebooks. She also feels that with all the money invested to date, she could have shares at Marshalls!

Jonathan Roy

Pairing Agent

(506) 655-9151

Born and raised in Dauversière, but now living in Petit-Rocher Sud, Jonathan is a graduate in Business Administration from the CCNB Bathurst Campus. Having worked as a sales representative for a school photography company for nearly 14 years, he now holds the position of Pairing Agent for the Retiree Employment Agency in partnership with WorkingNB. The opportunity to join the Chaleur Chamber of Commerce came at a perfect time in his life, as he was ready to take on new challenges.

Jonathan brings with him valuable experience and an excellent ability to listen. His upbeat personality, communicative skills, team work ethic and adaptability are key elements within the group. 

Jonathan’s role with the Chaleur Chamber of Commerce is to support and expand the database of retired people over 50 looking to return to the workforce. He also works with local employers who are seeking short-term employees. He matches individuals registered with the Retiree Employment Agency with potential employers. His greatest accomplishment to date? Watching his son grow up and seeing how caring, respectful and kind he is.

Why is he proud to be a member of the Chaleur Chamber of Commerce? Because he particularly appreciates the collaboration between the Chamber, the community and the region’s businesses. He loves the visibility and support the Chamber offers its members, whether through networking opportunities, recognition platforms like the Business Excellence Awards Gala, or the many information sessions offered.

In his spare time, Jonathan enjoys developing his Brin d’Jasette Podcast and loves watching football.

Fun fact : He hates odd numbers! If he’s watching TV or listening to the radio, rest assured that the volume is set to an even number!